Throw away the bottle. Sobriety is a gift of life. You will begin the first step in recovering from alcoholism when you open our homepage. The Korean Alcohol Research Foundation (KARF Hospital) specializes in the treatment of alcohol dependency. KARF Hospital opened its doors on March 2, 2004 in Ilsangoo, Goyangsi, Gyeonggido. The hospital is located Ilsan, a northwestern suburb of Seoul. Ilsan is a beautiful city with the largest manmade lake in South Korea. Also located in Ilsan is a popular recreational area called Jung Bal Mountain.

From the moment you step into our hospital, we will work together with you from your first steps to recovery and throughout your journey to sobriety. It is our program’s philosophy to create treatment plans which are very individualized in order to meet the specific needs of each client. We offer a multidisciplinary panel of professionals who work as a team to create a truly unique therapeutic environment. The treatment teams are composed of social workers, registered nurses, internists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

The members of our treatment teams understand the courage that it requires to face your alcoholism. We strive to ensure that our hospital will be a comfortable and safe haven for you, spiritually and physically.

KARF Hospital

  Our treatment teams and their duties are as follows

    conducts the first intake interview of the patient and evaluates the patient’s needs. If the patient needs admission to a detoxification unit or other program units, the patient must obtain medical clearance from an internist on the team. After receiving medical clearance, the patient will be admitted to an inpatient unit by psychiatric order. Family education and therapy will also be provided by the outpatient clinic, as we understand that it is important to treat family members from the devastating effects of having a loved one suffer from alcoholism. Such effects may include domestic violence and child abuse.
    administers pharmacotherapy from alcohol detoxification by a psychiatrist for 7 to 10 days. The patient will also receive any other necessary medical care by the nursing staff.
    administers further treatment to the patient subsequent to his/her detoxification from alcohol. At the program unit, our treatment team creates an individualized treatment plan and program for each patient. The treatment plan can include any or all of the following methods based upon individual treatment needs:
    • a.psychiatric evaluation
    • b.individual therapy
    • c.group therapy
    • d.family counseling
    • e.educational lectures
    • f.anger management classes
    • g.assertion training
    • h.relationship group therapy
    • i.stress management
    • j.medication management
    • k.art therapy
    • l.relapse prevention classes
    • m.physical fitness
    • n.AA meetings
    upon discharge from the inpatient program of our hospital, the patient may be referred to one of the following facilities: (1) an outpatient clinic in his/her local community; (2) a residential treatment facility such as a halfway house; or (3) the outpatient clinic of our hospital. The patient will also be monitored by the after care team for life after discharge from our hospital.
    we also offer specialized treatment to young female alcoholic clients suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia, as a concomitant cross-addiction problem. If young female alcoholics continue to abuse alcohol, the following may occur: amenorrhea, irregular menstrual cycles, disturbance of regular ovulation, natural abortion, the early onset of menopause by abnormal synthesis, abnormal metabolism, and the malfunction of female hormones.

The treatment program will provide recovering alcoholics with the tools necessary to regain their physical and mental health, and help them to restore their lives so that they may contribute positively to their families and communities.

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